Navigating through a divorce, with or without children, can be one of life’s most difficult and trying experiences. Whether you are a same-sex or opposite-sex couple, the emotional and financial impact of divorce can be overwhelming and difficult to navigate alone.

Victoria works with her clients to determine the best way to move through this process towards a resolution. She recognizes that every family situation is unique and each client deserves personalized care and attention. She works closely with her clients to protect their interests, including:  


  • Division of property and debt

  • Child Custody and guardianship

  • Parenting arrangements

  • Payment of Child Support and Spousal Support

Victoria will provide you with the tools, information, and advice that you need to resolve family law disputes, including out of court options such as mediation, collaborative law and arbitration.

Victoria recognizes that divorce is a part of life and it is her hope that she can help her clients through this process, with dignity, empathy, and care, so that their family can move forward with a plan in place to guide them in the years to come.

Uncontested Divorce

Is it possible to end your marriage peacefully? An uncontested divorce may be a viable option for you if both parties agree to the divorce and if there are no disputes. Uncontested divorces are often cost-effective and allow the parties to end their marriage as amicably as possible. 

Contested Divorce

Perhaps you and your spouse do not agree.  A contested divorce is when there is some sort of dispute or challenge by one or both parties regarding the divorce.  These challenges may include things like:

  • Whether to get divorced

  • Spousal support

  • Child custody and support

  • Division of property

  • Debts and finances

  • Where your pets should live


These types of proceedings are far more complex and can come with far more stress. However, Victoria will come up with a tailored plan to help you through these difficulties.  

Spousal Maintenance 

Spousal Maintenance is the money paid by one spouse to another as financial support pursuant to a divorce. Spousal Maintenance is not awarded in every divorce.  A court takes several factors into account when determining whether a spouse is entitled to receive spousal support. These factors include:


  • Length of the relationship

  • Age of the parties

  • Whether or not the parties have children and the ages of those children

  • Income of the spouses

  • The roles played by each party during the relationship

  • The ability of the parties to become economically self-sufficient after separation.

Victoria will provide competent and comprehensive legal representation to you regarding your rights and obligations for the payment of spousal maintenance. Retain Victoria today for your family law concerns. Contact Victoria Law LLC today or call (312) 741-1483 to arrange a consultation!