Parenting Time & Child Support

Allocation of Parental Responsibilities & Parenting Time (Child Custody)

The best interests of the child are of the utmost importance when the court makes decisions regarding the Allocation of Parental Responsibilities and Parenting Time (formerly known as Child Custody) visitation during a divorce or for unwed parents. The best interests of the child can be a complex issue that is not easily determined.  The court must make a determination between joint and sole legal custody.  Victoria will explain your rights regarding the allocation of parental responsibilities and parenting time and to seek the most favorable outcome.  

Victoria understands that your family structure is unique and will take the time to provide personalized representation for your family.  She will explain your rights, responsibilities, and options in a way that you will understand.


Child Support

Victoria Law provides advice regarding the payment of Child Support and the sharing of children’s expenses. Child Support includes the basic needs for children, including food, shelter and clothing. Children's expenses include expenses like medical and dental care, child care for the purpose of employment, extracurricular and recreational activities, and educational expenses. Each parent has an obligation to provide support for their children based on their current income and/or earning potential. The first step in calculating child support is determining the income of each parent which can sometimes be challenging in cases where parents are self-employed.

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